In general terms, foreign citizens must be holders of a travel document recognized as valid for entry and exit in Portuguese territory[1]. Also, they must hold a valid visa that is appropriate to the purpose of the trip. The lack of all necessary proof of entry requirements may result in the refusal of entrance into Portuguese territory. This is in line with Act 23/2007, 4 July 2007, which approves the legal framework of entry, permanence, exit and removal of foreigners into and out of national territory.


It is the duty of the entrepreneurial immigrant who wishes to invest in Portugal, to carry a visa suitable for the purpose – residence visa for entrepreneurial immigrants. If they so want, they shall prove, using additional criteria, to have carried out investment operations, which are evidence of financial means available in Portugal, as well as the entrepreneurial project that they will develop.


The visa referred to above, must be issued in the country of residence of the entrepreneurial immigrant[2].  It grants its holder the right to two entries into Portuguese territory and entitles them to stay for four months. In the meantime, it may be canceled when the holder, without any reason, is absent from the country for 60 days, during the validity of the visa or extension of the permit.


The purpose of this type of visa is to fix the residence of the holder, thus becoming a prerequisite for obtaining the residence permit for entrepreneurial immigrants[3]. The application for a residence permit, which, at the earliest opportunity, expires in one year, may be completed directly by the interested party or his / her legal representative with the SEF. Finally, the holder must comply with the necessary periods of stay in national territory. Failure to comply would result in his/her residence permit being canceled or the renewal of that residence permit prevented from renewal.


[1] Exceptions: number 3, 5 and 6 of article 9, of Law 23/2007, of July 4.

[2] It is excuse the presence of the applicant for residence entrepreneur visas (article 10, paragraph 6, letter “b” of Regulatory Decree 09 of 2018).

[3] However, this is not the only way to obtain a residence permit in Portuguese territory.

Carla de Calvo Dantas  




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