With only a few days left to the most expected night of the year, there are always some questions about what to wear on this special night!
The New Year’s Eve is a party night, ideal for us to wear bold outfits. It is the right time to shine, but always keeping in mind the context and eventual dress code applicable.
Take note of some tips for this special evening:

* Glitter, sequins, velvet or fur are welcome, but remember that less is more and balance is fundamental, so I suggest you choose only one – at most two – of these possibilities.
* Regarding colors, gold and silver are the typical colors of the time, but red, black or blue are also excellent options.
* The most obvious choice lies in a dress – short or long, depending on the dress code of the party or your personal taste – so you can make a difference by wearing a jumpsuit or even combining a skirt or pants with a silk blouse.
* Accessories are very important to complement your look: if you choose more discreet clothes, choose more colorful accessories and vice versa. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, clutch, scarf … the options are endless!
* The footwear should complement the look, bearing in mind the type of New Year’s party. Remember that you can spend many hours standing or dancing, so I recommend that you have a pair of very comfortable extra shoes … your feet will thank you!
* Do not forget the small details of your look: a hair care, a make-up that highlights the eyes or the lips and impeccable nails!

* Avoid wearing the same kind of suits you wear for your job by choosing a more formal suit for this night of the year. However, if the dress code is more informal, opt for fabric or denim pants (with dark wash) combined with a shirt and a blazer or trench coat.
* To complement the look, try wearing an elegant scarf and a good watch. The details make all the difference!
* As for shoes, black or brown are basic colors that allow many combinations of looks. If the occasion allows something more relaxed, the perfect choice rests on more sporty footwear, but a great quality one and always in excellent conditions.
* Do not forget to have a neat beard and a good haircut!


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