As a strategy to development of the Portuguese economical system, the government developed startup visa program. In sum, this program helps the entrepreneurs from third countries that want to create an innovated company, focus on technology and knowledge, move to Portugal and regularly stay in the country during the period that intent to develop the business activities. As the consequence, it was necessary to create a solution to permit the entrepreneurs to get a visa and a resident permit.

Because of the particularity of the companies that are on focus, as the first requirement, it is necessary to develop an innovated entrepreneur project, to be integrated into a certificated based incubator company. This exigence is not that simple as it appears.

To turn possible an agreement between the incubator company (certified by the IAPMEI I.P) and the new (or old, depends on the situation) company, as a first step is necessary to choose the incubator’s companies relating their areas with the area of development by the startup company. On the sequence shall the entrepreneurs prove some legal and non-legal requirements and presuppositions, that can vary on the status of the company if it is a new or old.

As a common point highlight, the necessity of proving the interest in developing an entrepreneur innovated project, focus on technology and knowledge. More, that the company has potential to create job posts and achieve in five years (counting as first mark the celebration of the incubator agreement) business volume superior of € 325.000/year and corporate assets superior of €350.000,00. As a differential point, if it is a new company is necessary to prove that is possible to constitute a company in Portugal during the program if it is an old company that the company is in the early stage of development.

In addition to accomplishing the step above referred to, the entrepreneur benefited from the startup visa shall prove the general conditions to apply for the entrepreneur visa(Law 23/2007). This kind of visa permits two valid entrance in Portugal and to stay in the country for four months. More, they are it is a previous step to makes possible obtain the entrepreneur resident permit in Portugal.

To make it possible to keep the entrepreneur under the startup visa program, the immigrant entrepreneurs must continue to fulfill the legal requirements, to enable the renew of the resident permit in Portugal. Finally, that ones that reside for five years regularly in Portugal could apply for the Portuguese nationality (Law 37/81).  

Article courtesy of Carla Dantas. 


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