Work Smarter, Not Harder, by Optimizing Your Time While at Work


How many small business owners are drowning in piles of papers to organize, invoices and receipts to deliver to the accountant and information that needs to be organized but simply cannot find the time to do all of it? Managing administrative tasks is a time consuming function. Payment schedules, who your suppliers are, employee vacation schedules and tax payment deadline schedules is something that so many businesses do at the last minute… frequently operating at a constant stress and a permanent “…I’ll do it later…” attitude.


CEO and Founder of Tempo Optimizado, Cláudia Amêndoa, Administrative and Management Organization expert, is known for going into unorganized businesses and leaving them impeccably structured, organized and able to function at the top of their game.

We had the privilege to sit down with Cláudia and learn more about the essence of administrative and operational management and just how important this really is.

The Living Abroad Guide (TG) – How was Tempo Optimizado born?

Cláudia Amêndoa (CA)– With a career built on years of organizing, implementing structures and procedures as a permanent fixture in house, during a trip, I decided I needed a change. It was time to take the risk and become an entrepreneur.

TG – What are the obstacles SMEs face day-to-day in terms of (lack of) organization?

CA -A lot of SMEs are managed by a generation that is not technology savvy. The management style is inconsistent with  the way businesses are currently led and managed. People are averse to change, but, in fact, it’s necessary. Change is crucial for people to evolve and the dynamics of the corporate world no longer pardons the choice to complete tasks “the old way”.

TG – How can SMEs perform better?

CA – Independent of the type of business your company fits into, the constant challenge of how to maximize productivity by way of effective time management is a common denominator. Recognizing the need for improvement does not always come easy. However, by contracting the services of Tempo Optimizado, a neutral 3rd party, to evaluate and observe internal procedures, as a pro active way to understand the areas in which a company needs to improve upon, is a step in the right direction.

TG – How can technology help businesses in being better organized?

CA – Current technology offers incredible tools to optimize the time of managers and business owners. If in the recent past, integrating pioneer processes and working outside of traditional molds was a risk, with the speed and evolution of modernization, business owners have no choice but to change and adapt… it’s a question of a business being able to stay open or closing. Time to change the way we do things and the way we think. By choosing the proper tools for each business, it’s possible to capitalize on the multiple advantages of how to better organize time and procedures, in turn, optimizing the results of your company.




For more information on how your company can improve its results and be more productive, contact Tempo Optimizado.


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