We would love to welcome our new Business Services partner, fivehundred.

We were lucky to be able to have them provide us with some details about their work and vision.


The Living Abroad Guide (TLAG) So we know that your company works in the video, cinematographic and production areas. What are some kinds of entities that fivehundred would like to work with?

fivehundred (500): Companies, SME’s and Startups with needs such as:

1) Branding or Rebranding processes (that are in need of fresh ideas and contents);

2)  Building campaigns or simply in need to communicate;

3)  Video-graphic or Photographic production for specific needs (training, classes, internal communications, etc.;

4) Coverage of corporate events and events that need “live coverage” (Facebook or other platforms);

-Studios or Production Companies with needs such as: Portuguese images or content, specific collaborations on Portuguese soil, channels in need of new program ideas and production needs, and lastly cinematographic collaborations


TLAG:  What are the characteristics of the clients that fivehundred seeks?

500:– New clients (specifically startups and SME’s) with whom we can create meaningful projects, build and enrich their brands and help them grow with content that can boost their marketing campaigns;

– New video-graphic or photography artists, people with original ideas that need a means to produce and build up their ideas;

– Companies that can help us enrich our business – designers, creative and screenplay writers, editors, etc.

– Those others in our sector that want to partner

– Advertising agencies looking for steady producers;


TLAG: Do you have any Special Projects on the horizon?

500: – We are starting to produce our own original content (short-films).  Our vision is that we can make this awesome indie, crowd-funding or crowd-sourcing platform so that we can produce these pieces, which the audience/investors can vote to be produced and even extend this to other small producers, freelancers, videographers and documentarians.

– Second we want to create a creative cooperative – a hub for companies related to our activities or creative/out of the box projects (we are currently looking for the right space – old warehouse or something that we can buy or rent and modify to be a really cool, tech and artistic space with common spaces, interests, cultural events, etc.)


TLAG What is your ideal timeline for starting this creative cooperative hub?

500: January! We are gathering companies, freelancers and other ‘creatives’ to get aboard with this vision… we want people with whom we can have a great personal chemistry, great business relations and offer positive input to the vision. At the same time (and this is the hard part) we want to find the perfect place. We don’t want the typical co-working spaces and we don’t want to make a “real estate” investment. We want to create a “commune” for companies, artists, freelancers and amazing people just like us!

We are 5 guys…: Ricardo Lopes, Rui Silva, Pedro Mateus, Gonçalo Brandão and Carlos Ourives.  We look forward to working with you. Click for fivehundred.


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