We love going out on the weekends and trying new places, seeing new things and exploring everything Portugal has to offer (cultural, gastronomical and historical). Last Sunday, Chérie Paloma, won over our taste buds.

Tucked away at the top of Calçada Marques de Abrantes N. 148 in Lisbon (in the Santos neighborhood).  Inspired in Mexico, minimalist and comfortable, we suggest you go early or be prepared to wait as this gem only seats a mere 20 people.

Breakfast all day (the Mexican brunch is fab.u.lous), tacos, eggs (made in a plethora of ways), horchata, pronounced or-chah-ta (a Mexican-style drink made with milk, rice,  cinnamon and vanilla) and a cocktail bar with signature drinks created by the owner, Julien Garrec.

PS – the guacamole, fish tacos and tomato soup are absolutely grand!


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