So, this happened ?

We are not sure yet if it would have been easier to have had another kid, alas… here we are, with a puppy ???

For starters, all pets must have a vaccine book, where an official name is attributed and where all health information is duly noted.

Concerning the name of our newly acquired pet, a mini Yorkshire Terrier, we were consistent with true Portuguese tradition, and this little one has, well, a lot of names: Flash Jack Felix. As the saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans.

Portugal had strict rules and regulations when it comes to pet vaccinations, pet ID chips and the (unnecessary) growth of the animal population. One must be responsible and get your pet spayed/neutered.

We are happy to suggest the Clínica Veterinaria Medicina Integrada located at:

Rua da Alemanha, 189-B
Quinta de S. Gonçalo
2775-397 Carcavelos
Contact 351 214 569 009

For information on pet laws and regulations in Portugal, check with your local town hall and of course, your veterinarian.


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