Brexit and the UK Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union – Implications for the right of residence of UK citizens residing in Portugal.

Let’s say that we expected to find ourselves in better circumstances. We hope, however, to find you all safe and in good health.

These are difficult times during which we write to you. Times of pandemic that holds some in their homes and pushes others for action in a risky scenario, limiting our freedom and, mainly, the comfort of the predictability of tomorrow.

However, and simultaneously, even far away, deprived of socializing, we are even closer, more united and better prepared for what’s to come, so that together we can rise each and every one of us.

That said, and because we believe it benefits us all to take the time to think about other issues and prepare for later, here are some brief notes long overdue on what to expect from Brexit now that the Withdrawal Agreement was approved.

That is, until 12/31/2020 everything remains exactly the same, the European regulations continue to be applied to the United Kingdom, including the free movement of people and goods. The United Kingdom only lost the right to be represented and the right to vote in the European institutions.

It is called a “transition period”.


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Article made possible by  of GSN Advogadas (formerly EVFG Advogadas), partner of The Living Abroad Guide.

Sunday April 26th, 2020



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