Family time has never been so fun and creative! Quarantine has forced families across the world to be more calm, enabled parents to be more tolerant and has taught children the importance of being able to exercise creativity.

What have all of you been doing to pass the time, entertain your young broods and maintain happy households?
At The Living Abroad Guide, both of  the Managing Partners run pretty easy going households. In our individual families, we are promoters of our children being both free thinkers and creative experimenters.
So, this On The Road illustrates, fabulously, all of that. Yes, this happened: blind taste tests of foods (which, to our Chief Business Development Officer’s children’s delight, also included crushed pepper)!!
Foods like merengue cookies, honey, diverse Easter candy, raisins, crackers and a multitude of other things, were up for tasting. The children planned this hilarious and extremely fun activity!

We highly suggest you try this at home, save the inclusion of crushed pepper!


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