We welcome our partner OBO Vanilla.  It is such a wonderful concept and we received more insight from them in this short briefing.


  • In terms of retail, our intention is to establish long-lasting partnerships with quality companies to ensure the sale of our product, since it is a small production. Our bet is to have few partners in which the partnership honors our brand. Currently we work with Santini  and Gelados de Portugal  and we would like more partners in this area. This market is aimed particularly at vanilla, however and if there is a desire we can also extend it to our other products.
  • With regard to the Public, our offer is aimed increase the portfolio over time with new high quality and exotic products, the characteristics that define us. For the development of this market, we have established partnerships with small stores / grocery stores in order to have national coverage, we currently have 6, but we want to increase our distribution and in parallel we intend to develop online sales, through the social networks Facebook and Instagram .
  • In addition to the fields mentioned, at Christmas time we will make a set of our products for people to offer as a gift, which would be ideal for introducing us to embassies and large companies, as gifts to employees.


Obo Vanilla is currently available at the following locations:

D’ Alentejo com Amor in Oeiras

Bio Alma in Almada

Local shop A Frutaria de Vila in Ferreira da Alentejo

Mercado de Santos  in Lisbon

Mercearia29 in Carcavelos

Palácio – Frutaria & Mercearia in Porto


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