In the time of crisis, opportunity is born. Who agrees? ??‍♀️?‍♀️

While online meetings are hardly a new thing, the fact that they are now the only way to meet is… let’s start by saying, overwhelming. This is the image of a meeting the other day, where dozens of people were present to discuss “How Entrepreneurs are Reinventing Themselves”.
The time to change, thanks to  imposition, is now. To all the employers who have been avoiding jumping on the technology bandwagon in the name of maintaining traditional workforces, archaic styles of leadership and ineffective corporate governance… we invite you to be grateful for all of your employees. Without all of them working remotely, many of them with young children at home, balancing acts of daddy/mommy, the cook and maid… and all at the  same time, the economy would collapse in an instant.
Thus, we congratulate all the employees for making this sacrifice, learning to adapt and being flexible.
For all the entrepreneurs out there: “Entrepreneur” is synonymous with being creative, flexible, adapting… let’s all continue to do our part, learn and grow with this.
It has been incredibly fabulous to witness the evolution! Mom and pop operations implemented online stores and delivery services, practically overnight, in rising to the occasion to meet the needs of people across the country.  We congratulate you!

The future is now.


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