So we at the guide have a range of language knowledge and some of us use Portuguese everyday and others not so much.  It is just the situation at the moment.  We have been looking into some ways to really get into the language if you do not want to attend class or just want to learn in a fun way the things you want to learn.  We do a language extra on our Instagram feed and stories which is just fun word recognition so that at least you are not totally lost.  We write it in our feed and then we pronounce it in our stories.

For more words and more of everything, you can also check out these apps, recommended by “talkthestreets” on YouTube.

So far we have tried Linguee.  We like it because it is a dictionary with pronunciations.  Memrise is also cool so far.  Give them a try and see if they help you learn.  We will try to use them as we better our pronunciations.  Say tuned to our Instagram as we practice our language. Sometimes it is great for a laugh.

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