We post markets  here at The Living Abroad Guide as we see them come up but some markets are here always.  As people who have visited several markets, its safe to say that  if you ever want to fit into your new country, then mixing with the local population is key.  Sometimes they may know your language, besides English and it is good to strike up simple conversations.  Often times they will make a reference to a word in Portuguese and the more you hear that word you will come to recognize it and are able to maybe ask about it at another time.  Also you can see locals in their own space as well as local items both crafts specifically for the market and some collectibles full of history. Do not underestimate this very hands off approach to observing culture. (TLAG)

Here is an article highlighting some local markets.

Market locations!

(we checked Mercado do Jardim’s FB and IG and are not sure how that is going. Call to see what’s up?)

pic (the500hiddensecrets.com)

Here are some additional markets. 

COVID -19, all of these markets may have altered timetables so its best to reach out and confirm.


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