See below for some selected areas we thought might be of interest to you.  Continue to the website to read the full details for the headings as well as other areas.  It is always good to have a little idea of the culture prior to landing in a country.   All info from (IES (2020). The Cultural Atlas. Retrieved from


  • Portuguese typically have two personal names. However, the first may be used on its own. For example, Fabio João may be simply known as Fabio.
  • Traditionally, godparents would name the newborn baby. However, it is more common today for parents to name their child.
  • Common given names are after older relatives (such as a great-grandparent) or after Catholic saints.



Basic Etiquette

  • It is considered disrespectful to visit churches during Mass unless you wish to attend the service. In particular, taking photos during Mass is highly frowned upon.
  • Remove any hat or headpiece when entering a church


  • When visiting family or friends, most guests will wait outside the door until invited inside. Similarly, guests usually do not let themselves out when leaving, but rather wait for the host to open the door and say farewell.
  • Guests are expected to show courtesy by wiping their shoes before entering the host’s home.
  • Hosts will typically offer their guests refreshments such as tea or coffee and a light snack.

Do’s and Don’ts



  • Consider how you dress and present yourself. Portuguese tend to dress modestly with a sense of quality and elegance. It is important to dress in a respectful manner, particularly when entering formal spaces such as a church. Casual attire (e.g. barefoot, beachwear) is inappropriate in public and can make one seem unsophisticated.

Do Not’s

  • Avoid comparing Portugal to Spain or assuming similarities between the two countries. Despite their close geographical proximity to one another, the two countries are quite distinct. Be particularly aware of their differences regarding language; a Portuguese person does not necessarily understand Spanish and vice versa.


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