School is in for the kids. The morning rush-books, all of them, masks, jacket, lunch for one, none for other. Unsure about the day! Who else had a finger biting day?


Back to school… and all that jazz. Where do we start? After we were all sent home in mid-March and Portugal literally closed down for weeks, the new normal has arrived. What exactly is the “new normal” ?

Rules, rules and more rules! New logistics for everything! Strange school schedules! A new way to do activities! New ways to socialize! New ways to eat together. Start times spread thinly over the course of the morning so that children do not enter all at the same time, in an exerted effort to avoid too many people being in the same place at the same time. Long (very long) lines form in front of the once upon a time very welcoming entrance, and one by one, showers of alcohol gel are distributed.

Considering the global pandemic we have all been faced with, in one way or another, the “new normal” is of course, necessary. We invite you to take it all in stride and have open communication streams with your children. As Covid-19 has imposed itself in all of our lives, and it’s here to stay, communucation is essential.

However, it continues to be quite overwhelming. Here’s to a wonderful and safe school year! From everyone at The Living Abroad Guide, we salute parents, teachers, children and caregivers as we dive into uncertain waters.

Stay well and be safe 😷


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