In uncertain times, like the one we live in, and with great challenges, being an entrepreneur is even more risky, but at the same time there is an extra motivation to face problems and find innovative solutions.

It is at this moment, where the entrepreneurial culture must be promoted more strongly, encouraging the creation of new startups and supporting the current ones in order to combat the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

To foster the entrepreneurial spirit, I decided to choose and analyze some trends in post-pandemic entrepreneurship:

Handmade products

This is a trend with an increase in recent years that has not had much media coverage, but with an impact on our society, contributing increasingly to the creation of successful new businesses.

People increasingly like to be different and have personalized products unique to small productions, which are increasingly in demand and thus creating a great business opportunity.

Artisanal products such as beers, cheeses, soaps, perfumes, clothes and jewelry are some examples that stand out for their superior quality.

Second-hand items

The businesses related to used items are in great expansion. This type of business gains prominence mainly in times of crisis when families have less money and increased savings levels, thus looking for products with lower costs.

Second-hand businesses related to mobile phones and clothing are the ones that stand out the most, with several examples of stores specializing in these types of products.


It is the trend with the greatest evolution in recent years, with a large-scale impact on society.  Especially at this time where we are increasingly online, Youtubers, Instagram(er)s, and bloggers inspire large numbers of followers, taking on the investment of brands. This activity in growing steadily and with more and more competition.

The business of digital influencers is directly linked to the creation of content and managing to attract investment through the promotion of external and/or one’s own brands, focused on e-commerce.

These are the three trends that in my opinion will make a difference in the world of post-pandemic entrepreneurship. I am convinced that they will generate several types of very profitable businesses.