We had the privilege to go and see the photo exhibition by João Carlos, a world renowned photographer, born in New York to Portuguese parents, entitled Fases de Isolamento (“Phases of Isolation”).

The abrupt and devastating changes everyone was forced to accept, brought on by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, were intense and significant. This situation changed everyone’s lives, streets were abandoned and we started working remotely. Airplanes were grounded, restaurants and stores were closed and governments ordered that everyone had to be confined to their homes. This was all very clear. What was not clear, however, was the profound impact all of this would have on people’s emotions.

The multitude of these sudden changes, combined with the absence of personal and social interaction, was overwhelming. This new (and imposed) way of living and being, paved the way to João Carlos’ interpretation of these significant emotions.

We invite you to take time and go see this award winning photo exhibition. We are quite certain, that everyone, independent of profession, economic and social class, can identify with João Carlos’ interpretation of the Phases of Isolation.


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