We love learning about the place we live in We thought that this was cool. We came across this and dived deeper.

If you look at the attached picture it looks like some kind of cloak. It has some kind of patterns. At first it looks like some kind of church robe but it has simpler origins.

It is called the Capa de Honras, or Cape of Honors, and also known as the Mirandese Cape from the location of origin. There are a few stories about the origin. They seem to have been the covering/coat for shepherd when they were out in the pasture. They were even used as mattresses. It is noted that they designs were nowhere as ornate as we see them today. This was also worn by people in Spain. It was made out of wool that was made into Burel. (we will cover that again soon.) The cape was also worn by the elite in a ceremonial way.

It is usually for the men but women have been know to wear the capes.

These capes/cloaks now a days can be very expensive, starting at up to 500 euros and as high as around 100 euros.  Also a designer spun off some capes made for women.

Our Getaway Partner Progestur visited one of the celebrations. http://progestur.net/pt/viagens/roteiro_trindade_coelho_marco2018/roteiro_trindade_coelho_marco2018.html


https://radiocomercial.iol.pt/noticias/67815/capa-de-honra-mirandesa-para-mulheres-promete-igualdade-no-traje-tradicional (francisco pinto credit)

https://www.olx.pt/anuncio/capa-de-honras-mirandesa-IDEJ7UK.html (photo)

Capa de Honras


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