Many people are giving serious thought to moving away from the US for various reasons. Upon reviewing one person’s story about what she wrestled with when she (Janet Blaser) moved to Mexico, we thought this is also applicable to a move to Portugal, with some minor changes. (Janet Blaser is a writer, editor and storyteller. ,

1. Visit more than once, in different seasons  (Maybe you like snow, but know that it does not usually snow except for the mountain areas.  There are four seasons but the winters tend to be mild and you can have pleasant days up till the end of November.)

2. Look into different types of neighborhoods and housing  (maybe you don’t mind the noise or maybe you want a small quiet place in a village, or maybe you need more space to garden etc., so perhaps the countryside)

3. Investigate available medical services and health care options (In some places it may be cheaper to purchase private insurance.)  (you can also check out our internal posting here about insurance)

4. Go Shopping (try it out and see if you can find all the products you want and can you get the other things in different ways-like by way of a yearly trip home or via a person who regularly travels to you or back to the states)

5. Study the expat community in your area (not all expats are created equal, are they of the same mindset as you, are you retired and you want peace and quiet, are you an entrepreneurs (Portugal has a large local scene for tech and entrepreneurs), were you hired from your old company (people who already have a salary and may be able to afford more can live further away and may be away from a tight expat community), do you have kids and would like the support, are you okay with being in a totally local area)

6. Have a phone plan (if you have links back home being able to be reached easily and to reach out is key)

7. Decide what kind of visa you need (how long can you stay, how long are you planning to stay, what are your long term goals)

8. Figure out how you’ll do your banking (how will you get money, what kinds of fees are involved, should you open a local account)

9. Learn the language (even if you can really get by without learning (there is a sizeable amount of people in the large cities that understand English), it is much easier to be understood and will be much appreciated, also you will learn that much more once you gain insight into various situations because you can understand what is being said)



(All highlighted (bullet points only) taken from article cited.)


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