Lower back pain

The typical “back ache” or “kidney pain” is nothing more than low back pain. It’s symptoms are characterized by discomfort and pain in lower back/lumbar region. This pain comes in different intensities, different durations and with different pain ramifications.  If it lasts  between 4 to 6 weeks it is called acute pain and if the pain extends to 12 more weeks it is called chronic pain. In the most severe cases the patient may even feel a slight tingling or even numbness in the lower limbs. How do you characterize your pain?.

Principal causes of back pain

Low back pain can be related to multiple causes. However the most common ones are the follows:

-incorrect posture,

-lifting or carrying heavy objects incorrectly,

-repetitive movements,

-excessive physical activity,




-and sedentary lifestyle.

Can you identify what is causing your pain?


Contact Massage Therapist Joana Rebelo for more information on back pain and how to deal with this pain.

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