How did Cão Bento come about?

Cão Bento was born out of our passion for our pets and the lack of pet-sitting services in the central region of Lisbon. We believe that the family stay is the ideal solution for guardians who are traveling or going away, but cannot take their animals with them. During a family stay, guardians can rest assured knowing that their paws are in a safe and welcoming environment.

We know how difficult it can be (for both guardians and animals) to be apart for days, weeks, or even months. And that’s why we take pleasure in not only taking great care of our furry companions, but also making sure their guardians know that!

And why “Cão Bento”?

The name “Cão Bento” came from a combination inspired by our companions, the dogs, with the area where we live in Lisbon, the traditional neighborhood of São Bento! (Cão is Portuguese for dog.)

We are not only in the São Bento neighborhood, but we are also on Rua de São Bento! So there was no more natural choice than “Cão Bento” to better represent our service and also our area.

What services do you offer and what are the conditions of those services?

Staying with dogs in two areas:

a) Per night (Pet boarding)
b) Per day (Day Care)

**At the moment we do not do walks (Dog Walking). We also do not do transport, but we have partners that we can refer you to.

We receive dogs of small to medium size that must be up to date with vaccination and deworming (internal and external).

For the stay, the guardians must bring:
1)Pectoral / Leash
2)Food that the dog is used to eating, for the entire period of the stay
3)Sanitary bulletin/Vaccination
4)Items that are familiar to the dog (bed, blanket, toys etc.)

We can evaluate the possibility of receiving other animals if they are sociable and there is no problem being in an environment with dogs (even if separated).

Each dog has different levels of complexity that depend on the breed, age, size, personality of the animal, special needs, etc. That is why there are different values for services depending on the characteristics and complexities of each animal.



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