What is a Lancha Poveira?  No we did not spell Lanche as in Hora de Lanche wrongly.  Lancha Poveira are the traditional sailing vessels used in Povoa de Varzim, an area north of Porto. These boats were for coastal and deep sea fishing (especially for hake) starting from the Douro river to Galicia(Spain).  They often carried a crew of 30 to 40.

There is one really good boat that gives a great idea and visual of the these boats of old. It was a replica made in the 90s.

These boats were known as “speed boats.”

source 1

source 2


Here are some locals making mini replicas.

link to video


“The rejuvenated “Faith in God” (first boat pic) has already crossed borders to Galicia to participate in meetings of traditional boats. He has already ripped south to the Sado to participate in a Galeões regatta, and even to Lisbon to participate in Expo 98. Two years earlier, he was  in Brest, France, in the largest worldwide meeting of traditional boats, which takes place every four years and brings together more than 1500 boats from around the world.”

by José Peixoto link




(scroll through for video and pics of the boats in the water)

boat building and design

(don’t mind that the above is in Portuguese, it’s really for the pics)





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