AP flight bookings from the UK to Portugal soar 119%
Leonor Mateus Ferreira
To respond to the increased demand caused by Portugal’s entry into the UK’s green list, the airline will “considerably” increase the offer of flights between the two countries in June.
TAP flight bookings between Portugal and the United Kingdom soared 119% with the entry into the British “green list” . It is from next week that British citizens can travel to Portugal without having to quarantine on arrival and, as other airlines have already done, the Portuguese company decided to reinforce the offer to respond to the strong demand for both Lisbon airport and the airport. Harbor.
“The inclusion of Portugal in the green list of destinations in England obviously has a positive impact on the search for flights between the United Kingdom and Portugal. In the last three days (7, 8 and 9 of May), the volume of reservations for TAP flights between the two countries more than doubled , compared to the set of three days (4, 5 and 6 of May) immediately before the inclusion of Portugal on the green list . The growth in the number of reservations was 119% “, says TAP to ECO.
Not all European countries are on this list, which includes only 12 countries and territories. It was on May 8 that Boris Johnson revealed the lifting of travel restrictions as of May 17. The English are now able to make non-essential trips and Portugal has “open doors” for tourists. The list in question is only applied to England, but Portugal was also already considered a safe country for the Welsh and Scots.
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In addition to the decision, TAP attributes the increase in demand to a promotional campaign for the destination Portugal, which started in the English market, with the motorcycle Unlock Portugal. To respond, the airline will “considerably increase its offer of flights between the two countries as early as June” .
Between Lisbon and London / Heathrow, TAP will start to operate 19 weekly flights (compared to the current 10 flights per week). Already between the Portuguese capital and London Gatwick airport, it will start flying five times a week, when currently the offer on this route is nil. From Lisbon to Manchester, there are 16 flights a week (out of the current six). Between Porto and London Gatwick, seven weekly flights will be operated from June (against four currently).
TAP is not the first airline to announce an adjustment of the operation . On the very day the announcement was made, easyJet made 80,000 extra seats available on flights between the two countries, in addition to relaunching the route between Newcastle and Faro. Likewise, Ryanair reinforced its operations with 175 thousand extra seats from the United Kingdom to Porto, Lisbon or Faro as of May 17th.
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