“Self-control is the ability to control our emotional state. Instead of automatically reacting to our emotions, we can respond more decisively and adapt positively to situations.

Self-control is not only for unpleasant emotions but also for pleasant emotions, I.E. all the motions and that make us produce some kind of momentum/action. And, since emotions are a response to our needs and encourage us to act, self-control allows us to know whether to act or not and in what way. Sometimes you need to react quickly but in many social situations it’s useful to have the ability to stop, think and know how to administer your emotions. And how can self control help me? With self-control we can use emotions in our favor instead of letting them use us.”

Info courtesy of Dr .Danielle Capella.

Learn more about self-control by contacting Dr. Danielle Capella, a partner of The Living Abroad Guide.

924 290 645 or customer service@danielcapella.com

Be Well.


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