Kelli McMinn
Chief Business Development Officer

Kelli McMinn is a co-managing director at The Living Abroad Guide.  She is the local half of the guide's international managing team.  Currently she tutors/teaches, provides training thorough her company Communicate and makes her way around Portugal when time permits.

She has an academic background in Journalism and International Business and she has lived and worked in both Washington DC and Lisbon.   Her 14 plus years of professional experience is in communications, training, teaching/tutoring and business management. She has routinely interacted with CEOs, directors and senior management teams as well as non corporate entities like vendors, other entrepreneurs and customers over the years. 

Her entrepreneurial pursuits have included a beauty salon, a language school, and her own clothing line.  It was in these "formative" years that she had her introductions into the Portuguese business arena. From these she has gained invaluable experience and clout in the professional world. 

Kelli’s personal interests are in travel, family and freestyle living, afforded her in Portugal. She values all that she has learned and is confident that through this project she can impart that joy and knowledge to others, assisting them as they settle into life in Portugal.

Tarril Roberts-Lanzaga
Chief Operating Officer

Tarril Roberts-Lanzaga The Chief Operating Officer of The Living Abroad Guide.  She resides in the US and is half of The Guide’s international managing team. Currently she is a homemaker/freelancer who tutors, works at events and travels. 

She has a background academically in International Business Administration and Culinary Arts.  She has worked in the imports area for high end clothing, jewelry and linen companies in the operations and logistics roles, as well as logistics for food wholesale and retail. From time to time she entertains at home, always providing a fun mix of palatable food.  She also blogs and in her free time lightly follows world politics, sustainability and architecture.  Lastly, she has spent time living overseas teaching and studying.  It was as much for curiosity as well as learning and discovery.

As a world traveler and keen observer, she can definitely see the need for The Guide and knows that it will help expats/transplants/nomads integrate and really feel at ease in their new home or home away from home.

Alexandra Lopes

Alexandra Lopes, a graduate in Management from ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics & Management, launched in 2014 her own business in the area of Image Consulting, after a professional experience of 12 years in Marketing. 

Develops her professional activity as a Consultant and Trainer in the areas of Personal and Corporate Image, being certified with a Post-Graduation in Fashion and Image Consulting by IPAM - The Marketing School. 

Her experience includes several appearances on TV and radio programs, articles and interviews in several publications in the press, workshops for the general public and in corporate events, among other activities in the scope of Image Consulting.

Carla de Calvo Dantas

Carla de Calvo Dantas is a lawyer certified to practice in Portugal and Brazil, living in Lisbon since 2015. Carla began her legal career in 2008 in Brazil and practices in the areas of Real Estate Law; Foreign Law; Commercial and Civil Law; and National.


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